Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of hiring Happy House over an individual cleaner?

While it may seem less expensive to hire an individual cleaner, Happy House Cleaning can bring you exceptional value. For example, there are many things to consider when it comes to longevity, consistency, and even protection of your home and family:

  • You don’t need to hire, do background checks, or do it all over again and again if your cleaner doesn’t work out.

  • All of our staff are bonded and insured. What would happen if that individual cleaner got seriously hurt on your property or stole from your household?

  • You don’t need to worry about the IRS knocking.

  • You will have lots of communication tools to make your service excellent. It can be uncomfortable having a conversation with an individual cleaner who has access to your home and isn’t doing their job properly.

  • What happens if you have a big event planned and your individual cleaner is ill or injured and you can’t find a replacement in time?

  • Are you confident this individual cleaner properly knows the best cleaning tool for each surface to avoid damage or even limit wear and tear over time to your home?

  • How much is YOUR time worth? Do you want to keep supplies, tools, and equipment stocked for them or run out last minute during a work meeting when they don’t have a necessary item to complete the cleaning of your home?

Hiring, no problem! Scheduling, handled! Communication, exceptional! We’ll do all the above for you at Happy House Cleaning so the only thing you have to do is enjoy your clean home.

What is the difference between an initial, deep cleaning, and a recurring maintenance cleaning?

The first cleaning service brings a home up to a specific standard and Happy House Cleaning is committed to upholding that standard. That’s why our initial cleaning may take longer and cost a little more than your recurring services. We need extra time to properly begin the process of cleaning your home. Contact us to request a free estimate.

The main difference between a maintenance cleaning and a deep cleaning is that our teams need more time in your home when doing a deep cleaning. The deep clean service includes removing more accumulated dust, removing soap scum build-up, hard water stains on shower doors and fixtures, removing grease buildup in the kitchen, as well as hand wiping all the baseboards, scrubbing built up stains on floors, window sills, and fronts of all of the cabinets. If a deep clean is purchased, these tasks (and more) will be maintained during recurring visits, but the home is prepared and we can complete the job more efficiently.

Do I provide cleaning supplies or vacuums?

No. We provide all necessary equipment to complete the job: cleaning supplies, microfiber cloths, vacuums, and step ladders. We cannot use your cleaning supplies because our cleaners are not properly trained on chemicals outside of what we provide them. If you have certain supply requests, please call us to see if we can accommodate.

If you wish to have vacuums, microfiber cloths, and supplies that are solely used for your home, we have supply kits available for purchase. All of these items will be yours and kept in your home and we will restock as needed. Please contact us regarding pricing.

How about mops? Which mops does your company use?

We don’t use mops! We wash ALL floors on our hands and knees. Yes, you read that correctly. We don’t even re-dip our cleaning cloths into the water bucket, leaving us with more laundry but your home with the cleanest floors possible!

Do you use non-toxic or organic cleaning supplies?

We prefer to limit the chemicals that our employees use to clean homes. However, we will use certain chemicals necessary for the cleaning. We responsibly use these 3 chemicals only when necessary: bleach, Lime-a-way, and Zep grout cleaner. For example, initial cleans require chemicals to remove the buildup of dirt and grime. Once we are maintaining your home on a regular basis, we can use mild, non-toxic alternatives to chemicals.

If you prefer that we do not use certain products or chemicals, we are happy to accommodate your request but may not get certain surfaces properly cleaned or disinfected.

Do I have to be home during my cleaning?

No, there is no reason for you to have to be home during your cleaning. Remember, we are bonded and insured, and we are happy to provide proof. If it makes you feel more comfortable, we welcome you to stay while the cleaning is completed. Our technicians are trustworthy and friendly; they do have a schedule though, so make sure to give them enough space to get their work done.

What do I do with my pets?

Happy House employees find pets to be the highlight of their day! They are free to roam per usual unless we find they are a nuisance or aggressive towards the technicians. We recommend your pets be introduced to the technicians for the first cleaning. If this is not possible, then we recommend you crate your pet or put them in a room that we will not clean because meeting strangers can cause anxiety in even the best pets.

If you’re booking a cleaning online, please include pet type, names, and directions on how we can safely clean around your furry, loved ones. Please also note that if our cleaners do not feel safe at any time during your scheduled cleaning, they may leave, and you will be charged full price for that cleaning.

Will my appointment always be the same day and time?

We do our best to keep the schedule consistent! We operate on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly frequency. Your initial, deep cleaning will fall on a different schedule than your recurring cleaning schedule simply because we need a larger window of time. Once we find the day to clean your home, we will keep that consistent schedule. Always communicate if your family’s needs change and a different day or time is preferred. We aim to make your house cleaning service as convenient as possible.

The only arrival time we can guarantee is the first appointment of the day. We can note your preferences of arrival time but if you are not the first appointment of the day, there are many factors that could make your cleaner not only late but early to their next appointment. Please be sure to always allow for a 2-hour arrival window time and be ready for your technicians upon arrival.

How long will it take to clean my home?

The timing of your home depends on multiple factors and can change depending on its current condition, the size, and how familiar the technician is with your home. The more frequently your home is cleaned, the shorter the appointment. When the home is empty of occupants, the technicians can also work more efficiently since they don’t have to work around additional people. Our office staff can give you their best estimates of the length of the appointment time upon booking.

How often should I have my home cleaned?

Our happiest clients choose an appointment every 2 weeks so there is no maintenance cleaning between visits. You can focus on the daily tasks of laundry, dishes, and decluttering and let us handle the rest! There is a peace of mind in keeping a clean and clear environment and knowing your home is always ready for unexpected guests. You can change frequencies at any time to decide what is the right fit for your household

Is hiring a house cleaning service worth it?

You won’t regret it! What is the most precious commodity in life? Time! You’ll have more time to spend with your family, less fighting over chores, less stress in your daily life and most importantly, an outer calm that leads to an inner calm. We all know there are many more demands in life you can attend to. Why not let us take one giant task off your plate?

Do I need to sign a contract?

We do not use contracts and you can cancel your services at any time with a 24-hour notice. Please keep in mind we do have service charges for things such as last-minute cancellations, lockout fees, and skipping a scheduled cleaning. These charges are listed in our Terms and Conditions.

Will I always get the same cleaner or cleaning team?

We believe in sending the same technician to clean your home and we do everything in our control to make this possible. If a technician is absent, we’ll do our best to find the most suitable replacement. All our technicians undergo extensive training to ensure the quality of our work is consistent and have all of the notes to your home updated within our software.

Your initial, deep cleaning team is often different from your recurring technicians. Our initial, deep cleaning team is trained to tackle the more difficult jobs together and don’t often do recurring cleans individually.

If you have a request for a certain technician who is already scheduled for another home, you may guarantee the booking of that technician for a $40 surcharge per cleaning.

How many people do you send to clean a home?

This depends on the size of the home and the type of cleaning. Initial cleans will require 2-3 technicians for larger homes and 1-2 for smaller homes. Recurring maintenance cleans will have a solo team unless you need us in and out quickly. We will do our best to accommodate you, just indicate when booking a cleaning that a shorter time is necessary.

Do I tip the cleaners?

Tipping is always appreciated but never expected! There is an opportunity to tip cleaners when you pay for your services through the Maid Central software or you can leave cash on the counter with a note, “tip” attached. Please remember, there are other ways to treat your cleaning team well besides a monetary tip. A cool home in the summer, shoveled walkways in the winter, or even snacks or beverages out is a huge favorite amongst our staff! Employees prefer working in an empty home so they can jam out to music and get their work done efficiently. Written compliments on scorecards are always well received and help the technician feel valued and appreciated far more than money.

Is Happy House Cleaning insured?

Yes. We are insured by Society Insurance for accidental, theft, and damage to your home and property. If you require proof, please send us an email and we will gladly forward our current insurance certification.

The safety of our employees is covered under Workers Compensation.

Do I pay for an estimate?

No, we do not charge for estimates. We encourage you to use our quoting tool online before reaching out to schedule a walk-through. Upon request, a walk-through of your home can be scheduled.

Should I clean before the cleaners arrive?

While this is entirely up to you, a cluttered home will result in our technicians being unable to clean to the best of their capabilities. When technicians spend time picking up clutter or moving it around, they can’t spend time cleaning. We understand that life happens and sometimes you just can’t get to it all, especially in a home with young children. Feel free to just close doors we would normally clean if you weren’t able to pick up for the cleaners. Having a cleaning company come is a great way to get motivated to organize and declutter. With time, your own pre-cleaning routine will become more efficient, leaving you to enjoy a clutter free and clean environment.

Should I turn on the AC for my technician?

Yes, please! To ensure we deliver the best clean possible, we kindly ask that you turn on your air conditioning before our technicians arrive. A cool environment helps our cleaning products work more effectively, prevents streaks, and allows disinfectants to properly sanitize your home. Plus, it makes our technicians more comfortable, so they can focus on making your space sparkle. Thank you for your cooperation!

What else can I do to prepare my home for cleaning?

We appreciate your sensitivity to our team’s needs. Working in a very hot home can be hard on our cleaners and take more time to clean the home. Heat and humidity can lead to condensation, streaking, and odors. Providing relief from heat will ensure their ability to work diligently and effectively. Also, turning on a ceiling fan can prevent air stagnation. Teams can switch off the ceiling fan for dusting, if necessary.

We recommend turning the A/C on to 74 degrees or lower on the day of your cleaning. If the home is above 80 degrees, the technicians are allowed to leave and the client will be charged a cancellation fee.

How Does Payment Work?

It’s seamless and convenient for you! We securely store your credit card information with Stripe, a leader in encrypted credit card technology. We only charge your card on file when your home’s cleaning is complete. If you wish, you can add a tip to your credit card once you see the technician’s completed work. For the safety of your financial information, we do not accept checks.

What if I want to reschedule?

We require 24-hour notice for rescheduling or cancellations. There will be a $30 charge if you do not provide a cancellation notice for a recurring clean, and a $200 charge for an initial deep cleaning. Please do not have us clean if anyone in your home has an illness. We will do our best to reschedule your cleaning that week. If anyone on our teams is suffering from an illness, they will not come to work or your home.

Can I give a gift of cleaning to another person?

Yes! Just contact us to receive a gift certificate for any amount you would like to give. We can also keep your credit card on file, and you can pay for the cleaning when the job is complete.

Can you clean before or after holidays or special events?

Yes, we can! Please book us in advance to schedule a special cleaning, so we can prepare to fully accommodate you. Holidays are a busy time, and the schedule can fill up quickly.

How do I know I can trust your employees inside my home?

We take pride in our professional cleaning technicians. They go through a rigorous screening process on a local and national level that includes background checks. We pay industry leading wages to attract and keep the best people in the business.

Can I help clean during my scheduled cleaning?

No. Our cleaning teams are trained to clean your home and need space to safely do their work. The best way to support your cleaning team is to let them work safely and independently. We thank you for your consideration.

Do I have to provide a key?

Our cleaning teams need entry access to your home. This can be a key we keep or a garage code. We assure you that all the information and keys you provide will be handled securely. If you ever discontinue service, keys will be returned to you. We encourage additional information besides just keeping doors unlocked for the safety of your home and in the event of a lockout. If we cannot gain access to your home during a scheduled cleaning, you will be charged a lock out fee equivalent to the cost of your cleaning. The technicians will call you in the event of a lockout and can wait up to 20 minutes for an alternative solution or they will need to head to their next job.

What should I do about my security alarm on my cleaning day?

Security systems should be disarmed or turned off within two hours of your scheduled cleaning. Feel free to provide instructions for arming or disarming your security alarm, but please note we will not be responsible for alarms or police dispatch fees that are set off during the cleaning.

Can I provide instructions for my cleaning team?

Yes! Your instructions give us the structure we need to enhance your cleaning experience and ensure that you’re completely satisfied. Our friendly office staff would be happy to discuss your needs, so you don’t have to reiterate them every time we arrive for service.

What if something is damaged or broken during my cleaning?

You and your home are our priority. If something happens to break during our routine service, we’ll do our best to repair or replace the item or credit your cleaning up to the value of the item. Happy House Cleaning is fully insured, so claims can be filed when appropriate. The technicians are required to fill out a damage report for ANY item they damage or break, and we will notify you of the damage immediately.

What if the cleaning was not performed to my satisfaction?

The cleaning methods we use ensure that your home receives the most consistent clean every time. During your first consultation, we’ll create a customized cleaning plan that’s designed to accommodate all your specific requests. However, we do recognize that perfection is not always possible, and we are happy to correct our mistakes at no additional cost to you. Please use the email or text we send for your feedback or contact us by the end of the next business day following your service.

I would like to hire your company, but I am outside of your service area. Is this still possible?

Yes! Please call our office to work out an appropriate trip charge.

I’m interested! What are the next steps?

Submit your information here, even if you’re not quite ready to book we can keep your information on file, reach out for additional questions, let you know when we are running a promotional special!

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